Get involved

How does it work ?

Collective management

More than 75% of the grocery store’s operational tasks are carried out by its members. This allows us to lower the prices for our customers, while paying fair prices to the farmers.

3 hours at a time

Each member agrees to contribute at least 3 hours per month to running the grocery store. The tasks to be carried out in the grocery store are diverse and varied: each member can be involved at their own level and according to their availability!

Benefits for members

  • Lower prices on products at the store
  • Participate in selecting the products that are on the shelves
  • Participate in the collective management of the grocery store
  • Have one vote (one person = one vote) during monthly meetings

Become a member !

Would you like to become a member ? The first step is to attend an information meeting !

During these meetings, we will explain how we are organized, how to choose tasks, and how to participate in the collective management of our grocery store !

No need to register!

Meetings are held on line, via Zoom or at Bâtiment 7 (1900 Le Ber Street). Whispered translation to english offered in the face-face meetings!

Tuesday January 10, 7PM At Bâtiment 7, multipurpose room

Monday January 16, 7PMon line 

Sunday January 29, 10AM At Bâtiment 7, multipurpose room

Wednesday Febuary 8, 7PM At Bâtiment 7, multipurpose

Wednesday Febuary 15, 7PM – on line 

Saturday Febuary 25, 10AM At Bâtiment 7, multipurpose room